A fleet of good buses equipped with cameras, GPS, conducter etc is available for day scholars residing in 25-30 KM vicinity of TPS on highly subsidized charges.The School Administration has developed a plan which allows our student body to enter and exit the property as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


Students must submit a completed Parking Application to the Safety and Security Department for processing prior to parking a vehicle on the campus of TERII Public School. Students will be issued a Parking Pass which must be displayed in the approved vehicle at all times while on campus.

  • Any student that has acquired 6 or more unexcused Last Period absences during the school year will be prohibited from applying for a parking pass for the subsequent year.
  • Juniors acquiring 2 unexcused 8th period absences in a semester will result in a parking suspension.  3 unexcused absences in a semester will result in a parking pass being revoked.


The institute has its own buses and provides pick up and drop facilities to the students. Students desirous of availing bus facility may fill up the form.

  1. The student has to opt for the available pickup/drop point at the time of applying for the transport facility.
  2. Transport facility and transport fees are applicable for one academic year.
  3. Students will be issued Transport ID cards at the time of allocation of transport facility and must carry the Transport ID card with them to prove identity, whenever required.
  4. The transport route and pick/drop points are planned considering the best benefit for the entire community using the Institute Transport system. However, the final route and schedule are entirely at the discretion of the Institute Authorities.
  5. The Transport timings pick up and departure from Institute are fixed and announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  6. The Institute shall provide only one round of pickup and drop facility to all designated points of the town to entitled students of various programs. Specific drop facility will not be provided to students who may wish to leave early from the institute due to any circumstances. The drop facility shall only be provided at 4:20 pm to students.
  7. Transport fees are neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances.
  8. Transportation routes and timings may be altered keeping in view its requirements during examination and other special activities of the Institute.
  9. Misbehavior with fellow passengers, faculty, staff or any transport staff will be treated as misconduct and shall invite disciplinary action.
  10. Students must always be in University uniform while boarding the bus.


The school coordinates air and rail reservations for students, on request.  An application must be mailed by the parents in case the school has to arrange the travel of the students during Summer or Winter vacation. In cases of airport drop or pick a staff member of the school will escort and receive students at the airport (New Delhi/Chandigarh). A school bus and school owned Cab facility is also available for transferring students to and from New Delhi/Chandigarh.

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