Message from Director

Today’s students are incapable of taking decision on fixing their goals, and hence fail to achieve prosperity in life. It is because, we have failed to create their inward being, pull them out of the darkness they are in. for we messed-up with the exposure they were entitled to start with. It must be the outcome of sheer negligence on the part of the society they are born and brought-up in. We failed to let them understand the importance of intrinsic values of life. It is essential to create institutions that are examples of excellence at par with the best in the world by raising average quality of higher education coupled with pedagogy. The realization of this objective, coupled with access is expected to develop the skills and capabilities we need to transform future India into knowledge, socioeconomic growth and a worthy society. We need to go about the issue of immense gravity, so that institutions become temples of learning and creativity rather than mare producers of stereotypes. The sole Endeavour of TERII is to lead our students from darkness to light, to free them from every kind of domination except that of reason. The social values and the economy are the fruits of higher education. This perception is aimed to be cultivated among the students of Technological Education and Research Integrated Institute that will help them get the life style they wish to lead and yield the socioeconomic growth and prosperity of the region.

And so I pray to the O! God help me to understand each child to lead that innocence through the paths of wonders and wisdom, not of fear.

Dr. Sagar Gulati

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