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Welcome to Terii!

In our Endeavour to create excellent learning environment at TERII, we have built up state-of-the-art infrastructure and enormously committed and dedicated teaching faculty.
Today TERII is leading the way in offering excellent educational facilities, impeccable academic credentials, distinguished faculty and plethora of programs to choose from. Above all, TERII campus has distinct features of zero ragging, zero eve teasing, zero casteism, zero regionalism, zero favoritism and a developed family atmosphere. In fact, it is TERII FAMILY.


  1. TERII is a PARIVAR which develops love for 24 x 7 leaning.
  2. TERII is a caring campus where every student is supported to explore his/her fullest potential.
  3. TERII facilitates student’s growth with Creativity, Teamwork, Innovation, Dedication, Cooperation and Event Management.
  4. Distinguished Faculty from top institutions.
  5. 750 beds on-campus Hostel that feels like Home.
  6. At TERII, focus is laid on Projects and Practical.
  7. Top ranked CAMPUS in Engineering, Management & Polytechnic.
  8. Students placed in MNCs & leading Corporate.
  9. Scholarship for meritorious students.
  10. 20 Acres of Learning Environment.

Life at the Institute is more than just classes and homework — community members pride themselves on their curricular and extracurricular work in the arts, athletics and more. Whether it’s taking part in sports meets or taking time to learn new dance moves, Institute life has no boundaries. Art, Engineering, Science and Invention are interconnected throughout TERII.

At TERII, exceptional students apply to athletics, physical education, and recreation the same passion, drive and work ethic as they do in academics to reach their complete potential. Intensity and Commitment to excellence can be found in all participants.
Every occasion; festivals of national importance and state specific, annual days of sports & culture, inductions and farewell, events of social, cultural and religious significance, competitions and championships are celebrated in the institute/ hostel. The entire event management is done by students under the guidance of faculty.

TERii envisions building up an educational system that not only proves to be an enriching experience for its students, but also helps to cultivate values such as empathy, humility and compassion. Participation in community development services help students to become familiar with the realities of life and get a better insight into the lives of the disadvantaged sections of the society. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to take up small projects on topics related to healthcare, conservation of natural resources, income-generating enterprises and social issues. The Institute, through these developmental programs, aims to infuse leadership, sensitivity and team spirit qualities among the students.

Choosing the right institute is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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