The Campus

Location is of strategic importance for any institution to be able to achieve its goals. TPS was started with an avowed goal to provide the children with an educational avenue of vitality is located in the heart of the beautifully conceptualized and imposing Integrated campus of the Technology Education And Research Integrated Institutions (TERii) Group of colleges.

Surrounded by lush-green lawns, TERII’s magnificent structures and resources speaks volumes of the technical expertise that goes behind the smooth running of modern technical institution. Be it the Smart Class Rooms, the Conference Rooms, the  Workshops, the Laboratories, the Computer Centre (Wi-Fi, 24×7 Internet facility) or the Recreation floors, TERII offers a unique experience to every candidate who gets a chance to gain admission to this esteemed institution. TERII provides the right kind of infrastructure to enable the honing of Learning, Professional and Academic Competencies of students.

The main Labs include SOM Lab; Thermodynamics Lab; Production Technology Lab; Fluid Mechanics Lab; Vibration Lab, IC Engine Lab; RAC Lab; Applied Mechanics Lab; CAD/CAM Lab; PRO-E Lab; Microprocessor Lab; Microwave Engineering Lab, Multimedia Lab; DBMS Lab; Electrical Technology Lab; Machine Lab; High Voltage Lab; EDC Lab; Surveying Lab; Soil Mechanics Lab; Structure Lab; Concrete Technology Lab;  etc. Students receive hands-on training on equipments that are used for actual production.

The institute hosts a variety of workshops (machine shop, welding shop, fitting shop, carpentry shop, foundry shop, and painting shop) in a well equipped 15000 sqft. Industrial shed having 300 tools and machines. The presence of Testing and Welding Machines, Boilers and Engines, Shaper, lathe machines, Grinders, Power hacksaw and laboratory apparatus  give a true practical training to the budding engineers. The workshop is not less than a manufacturing industry.

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